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TROIS NUANCES is a three movement work composed by Scott L. Hines for the Memphis Ballet Company in 2004. Originally for Piano only, it is a three movement work. The two fast movements surround a blues-like second movement. While it was not the composer’s initial intent to write a movement based in the blues, that’s what happened and it was very appropriate as “Trois Nuances” was danced on the stage of W.C. Handy Park on Beale Street, the site of the birth of the blues publishing industry. Hines was given a week to present a draft to the ballet company to be performed as it’s opening piece of the 2004 season debut. Once the draft was approved, he had two days to finalize it. The first and third movements reflect the hurried and excited pace at which it was composed. Excellent repertoire from a contemporary American composer! Symphony Orchestra. Score. Grade: 4 Duration: 12:29

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