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Slava! A Celebration For Sym. Orch – Aug Set – Sym Orch


Slava! A Celebration For Sym. Orch – Set – AP-00401


SLÁVA! by Joel Blahník is a perfect festival or concert opener/closer with antiphonal Brass at its finale. This composition has 3 continuous movements dramatically profiling rainbows of timbre; a scintillating Trumpet fanfare, lush ethereal Strings and tutti Orchestra. An unusually compelling work completely riveting the listener’s attention with its stunning musical sounds. Commissioned for the Inaugural Concert of Green Bay’s Weidner Center for the Performing Arts. Recorded by the Czech Radio Orchestra, composer conducting, at Dvorak Hall in Prague. On the WSMA class A Orchestra list. Featured on Instruments of the Orchestra and What Is a Composer? videos published by Clearvue. A Celebration! Symphony Orchestra. Augmented Set. Grade: 4-5 Duration: 8:00




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AP-00401 Aug Set




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