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Pilgrimage To Compostela – Band Pts – Band



PILGRIMAGE TO COMPOSTELA by David Resnick opens up with a stirring Unison intro using the notes of the first theme. After a reflective interlude, Theme #1 begins and is then quickly taken up by other “pilgrims.” It becomes a cantus firmus. The character of the piece changes as the Brass section asserts itself along with Percussion section solos. The piece comes to a rousing conclusion as the “pilgrims” arrive safely to the sounding of the cathedral bells in Compostela. Since the Middle Ages up to the present day, pilgrims have walked for about 30 days and 550 miles from the Abbey of Cluny in France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain as a spiritual practice. A music journey worth taking! Concert Band. Instrument Parts. Grade: 3-4 Duration: 3:32

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