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Pictures Of Salvador Dali – Orch – Pts – Sym Orch



PICTURES OF SALVADORE DALÍ Symphonic Triptych for Orchestra is by Jindra Nečasová Nardelli, Prague composer. For the professional orchestra, this symphonic tryptych by one of the foremost contemporary Czech composers belongs to the group of musical works inpsired by the fine arts—3 contrasting Salvador Dalí pictures. These movements are subjective musical reflections on the visual perception of the pictures. The composition’s movements form peculiar musical units (musical pictures), whose themes distinctly contrast with each other. Formally, the composition is outlined as a three-piece, distinctly gradating complex. Written for large symphonic orchestra including numerous Percussion instruments, Harp, Celeste, Piano and Organ. Premiered in 1992 by the Hradec Králové Orchestra. The ballet adaptation was premiered in Prague at the National Theatre in 1998. Professional work! Symphony Orchestra. Instrument Parts. Grade: 6 Duration: 22:46 


“The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus”

“Archeological Reminiscence of Millet’s ‘Angelus'”

“The Hallucinagenic Toreador”

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