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ANTOLOGIA DI STUDI PER CHIRARRA SOLA is by Italian guitarist, music professor and composer Gaetano Troccoli with 12 tunes set for Guitar Solo. Grade: 3/4/5 Duration: 17:48





“Ricordando la Spagna”



“Studio n.1”

“Studio n. 2”

“Studio n. 3”

“Studio ritmico”


Composer’s Note:

The music pieces of this collection are the result of a personal research of the author, which aimed both at the elaboration of instrumental techniques and the in-depth analysis of different styles. Their level of difficulty is intermediate and they can be used as studies and concert pieces. They deal with many musical forms, which include rhythmic dances, like the Tarantella, and more melodic compositions like the Canzona or the Romanza.

The attempt was indeed to explore the various sides of the expressive and technical resources of the guitar. The collection ends with four Studies, hich elaborate more thoroughly the rhythm, through frequent changes of the musical meter from one bar to the other, along with concentrating on other performative challenges of the guitar (such as the legato, the irregular phrasing, the alternation of progressive fragments and of chords, etc.)

However, the technical accuracy and attention did not make the author forget that the pleasure in performing is intimately connected with the piece itself. Therefore, he always looked for a musical result that would convince him in the first place and then, one would hope, whoever chooses to undertake this performance adventure.

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